Mozilla rolled up new version of Firefox. Firefox 3.6.7 mainly contains stability updates and security updates.

Firefox 3.6.7 fixes the following issues found in previous versions of Firefox 3.6:
  • Fixed several stability issues.
Please see the complete list of changes in this version. You may also be interested for the previous version of the Firefox 3.6.6 release notes which addressing the plug in stability issues.

All users are advised to upgrade, which you can do by going to Help > Check for Update, and Mozilla will prompt you to download the latest update and follow the on-screen instructions or you can download the fresh copy directly here.

There's a scam going around on Facebook around their credits program, mostly tied to the company giving away free credits, according to reports.

For those that don't know, Facebook Credits is virtual currency you can use to buy gifts and virtual goods in many games and applications on Facebook. You can purchase Facebook Credits using your credit card, PayPal or a mobile phone, which of course, is why scammers target such programs.

A quick scan of Twitter will show you various tweets about the free Facebook Credit they've received. However, if you search on Facebook for "Facebook Credit" you'll come across a slew of event pages where some of the event pages include the recognizable Facebook logo along with the yellow colored coin, signifying free credits.

According to the event page details, users will get free "Facebook Credits" if they'll follow the instructions on the page, which includes sharing the scam pages with their friends and contacts over Facebook.

To be safe, do not follow the instructions such as these or others that might be fishy on event pages. The Credits program is easily attacked because of its popularity with games like Farmville, so user beware.

Best thing a user can do is check their various banking accounts and change their Facebook password immediately.

As of right now, there hasn't been any official word from Facebook on this issue.

Popular blog platform of Google's, Blogger, has just introduced a full-featured, real time stat service into the dashboard .

Though Google Analytics and many other third party tools are available to track's blog traffic, they mostly have to be configured by the user.
That's not the case with Bloggers analytics, which is pre-configured. The user has nothing to install or configure.

(Blogger States)

The coolest thing about the new Blogger Stats is that it monitors and analyzes your visitor traffic in real time, which technically is not possible with other tools not even in Google Analytics.

Users can see traffic of all posts; which site is sending most traffic; which popular search keywords attracting visitors; and, it also shows from which country the visitor is coming and browser info.Right now it's available for Blogger in Draft Service only but soon company will move this nifty feature to the main Blogger platform.

(Measure Map)

Anyone remember MeasureMap? For those that don't - Jeffrey Veen and Adaptive Path sold their analytics platform to Google over four year ago. The MeasureMap product was built mainly for blogger. It was a great opportunity for Google to improve its own analytics platform (Urchin), which is now known as Gogole Analytics.

As after the acquisition, people were guessing that Google would implement it with the, but they never did, till now.

Google Analytics is far more advanced and features rich data, but don't forget, Blogger Stats provides the data in real time and there's no coding.

To try out Blogger Stats, go to Blogger in Draft, and click on the new “Stats” tab.

What do you think of the new service? let us know in comments.

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